Learn about RVCA Women's apparel

Learn about RVCA Women's apparel

RVCA pronounced "Rew-Ka" symbolizes the balance of opposites and how they co-exist. Created by PM Tenore in 1999, the company quickly surpassed traditional action sports apparel brands. RVCA is about inspiration and cohesion throughout time, culture, nature, and artwork. Tenore's mission for the brand was to push the boundaries of creative excellence. Throughout all else, their motive is to create a united community that can find a lifestyle within the clothing brand that reaches millions. 

South Swell Surf Shop carries apparel with options perfect to wear throughout sun, surf, and skate. RVCA Women's collection offers a wide variety of clothing with many options fitting the day's pursuits. RVCA features athletic wear for yoga, lounging, and hitting the gym. More options include dresses in sleek and fun flowing styles. The Women's Graphic Tees offer vintage styles that give a lived-in look and feel. Not only are they a skate lifestyle brand, but a brand that understands the customer's creativity and style. 

The Women's Sport collection offers athletic wear that is light and comfortable with versatility. Whether you're working out at the gym or doing yoga on the beach, you have an option for any occasion. The RVCA Essential Leggings are high-waisted with a pocket allowing for support and stretch. In addition, the RVCA VA Essential Bra allows for support made with sustainable performance fabric. Whether working out or lounging, the clean, modern design is perfect for both. RVCA sells these pieces separately, but they can be worn together or mixed and matched with other RVCA athletic and streetwear. 

The summer sun is hot, but RVCA offers many lightweight options to wear on a sunset stroll or walking around town. Designed by Luke Pelletier as a part of RVCA's Artist Network Program, the Luke Floral Dress is airy and light for any time of the day. The floral design allows for a fun flair to an otherwise simple sundress. RVCA also offers sleek dresses for a more formal look, still featuring the same comfort that one looks for in a summer dress.

Summer means swimming, and RVCA offers a wide variety of bikinis. Offering styles from high-waisted to a cheeky bottom, everyone has an option. The RVCA Tropix French bottoms feature a sun-faded floral design that is an ode to vintage aloha prints. The Foulard Underwire Bikini Top features all-day comfort blended with classic lines. This top is made with recycled nylon elastane fabric, perfect for a swim and the sun. The bright colors offered in the RVCA Women's Swim allow for a colorful pop on the beach or beside the pool. 

RVCA Women's apparel is created for style and comfort. Hence, The Balance of Opposites creates a vintage look for modern-day flexibility of sun, surf, and skate. The Women's Section is tailored for all, with a wide variety of athletic wear, dresses, swimsuits, shirts, and sweatshirts to choose from. To see more, visit South Swell Surf Shop in person or online for all RVCA clothing and accessories. 

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