Learn The Lineup - A Guide to Surf Etiquette

Learn The Lineup - A Guide to Surf Etiquette

Surfing Etiquette

Surfing comes with important rules like any sport that prevents injury, ensuring no one gets hurt. Surfing safety comes by following the top four rules of surfing etiquette.

  1. "Dropping in" means trying to catch a wave someone else is already riding. Dropping in is dangerous, but in the surfing world, it is considered rude. To avoid dropping in, you must understand the lineup.
  2. The Lineup is the order in which surfers catch waves. It is determined by whoever is closest to the wave's peak taking priority. This way, only one person is catching the wave at a time, and others are waiting their turn.
  3. Don't snake waves, described as paddling around surfers to take a priority position.
  4. Paddle to the whitewash. If someone is riding a wave in front of you, get out of the way and take the wave on the head. Getting hit by a wave rather than crushed by another surfer's board is better.

Rip Current Dangers

Surfers need to understand the water's power and the danger it presents when it's not taken seriously. It is essential to look at the ocean before paddling out and avoid darker water, fewer breaking waves, and the lifeguard flags reporting if swimming is safe.

Suppose you find yourself stuck in a rip current, paddle parallel towards the beach. To avoid getting disoriented, keep your eyes on the beach and stay focused on escaping the current once you escape the rip current, paddle in and yell for help.

Before Paddling Out:

Check your equipment: Having the correct equipment is essential for a successful surfing trip. Before paddling out, ensure the leash, board, and fins are in good condition. This is not only the safer option but will help you catch bigger and better waves. 

Observe the waves: Make sure they aren't too big for you. Knowing your limits is not something to be embarrassed about when it can prevent serious injury to yourself or others.

Always Stretch: When proper stretching is not done before getting in, cramping and pulling muscles are common in the water.

Surfing Lingo:

"Grom": a young and skilled surfer

"Peak": The most critical breaking part of the wave

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