Outerknown Apparel: Surfing the Waves of Sustainable Fashion

Kelly Slater, famous for surfing, has smoothly shifted his love for the environment to the world of fashion. Co-founded in 2015 with designer John Moore. Outerknown is Slater's commitment to sustainability and has created a surf apparel brand that blends style and ethics harmoniously.

Beyond his 11-time world championship victories, Kelly Slater has championed the cause of protecting our planet. Outerknown brand is founded on this idea and represents conscientious fashion. The surf brand is changing the industry by using organic cotton, recycled materials, and transparent supply chains.

This blog discusses the influence of Kelly Slater and John Moore through their brand Outerknown. It focuses on their designs, efforts in ocean conservation, and dedication to fair labor practices.

The world of OuterKnown is sustainable where fashion meets style and comfort. In this blog, we'll explain why South Swell Surf Shop is excited and proud to have this brand in our collection. We are excited to first explore the adaptability and eco-consciousness of OuterKnown's shorts for both women and men.

For women, the OuterKnown Seventyseven Cord Shorts and Rewind Shorts offer a blend of retro chic and modern design. These shorts are eco-friendly and stylish, made with organic cotton and recycled materials. For those who enjoy active lifestyles, the OuterKnown Ok Agility Shorts is the perfect short, combining functionality with sustainability.

Men can enjoy comfort and functionality of the OuterKnown Nomadic Volley crafted for those who seek adventure. Meanwhile, the OuterKnown Apex Trunks and Endurance Lined Volley are a testament to Kelly Slater's commitment to performance and the environment.

Now let's talk about another amazing item in Outerknown's collection - the famous Outerknown Blanket Shirt. It's a sustainable, fashionable, and sporty shirt for both men and women. Their comfort, craftsmanship, and timeless appeal exemplifies Outerknown's dedication to quality and sustainability.

Outerknown's Women's Blanket Shirt and Women's Chroma Blanket Shirt are timeless classics that effortlessly blend style and comfort. Crafted with attention to detail, these shirts exude a sense of laid-back sophistication. Made from high-quality, sustainable materials, they are a demonstration to Outerknown's commitment to eco-conscious fashion.

The Women's Blanket Shirt is versatile, whether dressed up or down and It has a relaxed fit. The Women's Chroma Blanket Shirt brings a pop of vibrant color to the mix, making it a striking statement piece.

Outerknown also has a Men's Chroma Blanket Shirt, so men can have the same stylish and eco-friendly options as women. These blanket shirts are perfect for the beach or a casual evening. They are comfortable, stylish, and sustainable, making them a favorite in anyones wardrobe.

From classic blanket shirts to chic jumpsuits and dresses, Outerknown continues to impress with all its versatile and sustainable clothing offerings. The brand's commitment to eco-conscious fashion extends to every piece, ensuring that style and ethical practices go hand in hand. From beach getaways to city adventures, these stylish apparel options are designed to not only look good but also make you feel good about your fashion choices.

Outerknown also shows us their innovative, chic and stylish items with the S.E.A. Suit, S.E.A. Suit Shortall, and Ellison Slip Dress.

The S.E.A. Suit is a versatile one-piece wonder that effortlessly combines comfort and style, making it a wardrobe essential for any eco-conscious fashionista.

For a playful and edgy twist, the S.E.A. Suit Shortall offers a modern take on a classic design. On the other hand, the Ellison Slip Dress exudes elegance and grace, perfect for both casual outings and special occasions.

Try Outerknown's eco-friendly fashion collection, including the S.E.A. Suit, S.E.A. Suit Shortall, and Ellison Slip Dress. These stylish pieces combine sustainability and elegance.

Let's now talk about Outerknown's men's shirts, polos, and tees, which have a timeless appeal.

These timeless items use eco-friendly materials, making clothing for everyone better in quality and more environmentally conscious. Outerknown offers a range of comfortable tees and refined polos for men. They are a leader in ethical fashion, showing that stylish and conscious choices can go hand in hand.

The Atlantic SS Linen Shirt is made of breathable linen fabric. It is perfect for dressy occasions or a Sunday church outfit. It has a relaxed and beachy vibe.

The Sojourn Polo is a fashionable shirt and its made from eco-friendly materials such as organic cotton and recycled polyester. This helps create a positive environmental impact.

For those seeking casual comfort, the Saltwater Slub Pocket Tee is essential, also made with clean materials, ensuring softness and durability. Outerknown is reshaping men's fashion with these pieces, demonstrating that eco-friendly options can be stylish and vital for the modern man. That's why South Swell Surf shop is excited to offer this incredible clothing brand.

Outerknown is a leader in sustainable fashion, with a variety of eco-friendly clothes that are stylish, versatile, and made ethically. From their thoughtfully crafted shorts to the cozy and stylish blanket shirts, and from jumpsuits and dresses to the refined selection of men's shirts, polos, and tees that South Swell offers in store and on website.

Outerknown's commitment to protecting the planet and promoting fair labor shines through in every garment. With world champion surfer Kelly Slater's visionary leadership, Outerknown continues to inspire positive change, proving that fashion can indeed be a force for good, one conscious choice at a time.

Embrace the journey of Sustainable Fashion with Outerknown and contribute to a more sustainable future for all with us.


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