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SUNCURE Fiberfill Mini Tube

SUNCURE Fiberfill Mini Tube

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Repairs are never fun, but taking good care of your board means it will ride better and last longer. With this Sun Cure 1 oz Fiberfill Mini Tube you’ll be back in the surf in no time. Sun Cure 1 oz Fiberfill Mini Tube is the quick and easy way to repair dings for expoxy and polyester surfboards, and all you need to apply it is wet dry sandpaper, disposable gloves, and a wooden applicator. Added bonus: everyone will think you’re super responsible.

1-ounce size of our larger Polyester -Sun Cure® Fiberfill tube. Give it a try, and you will find out how easy it is to use on surfboard dings. You will also see how well the ding is hidden.


  • One (1) Sun Cure 1 oz Fiberfill Mini Tube from Sun Cure
  • Great way to make repairs on your surfboard
  • Helps your board ride better and last longer 
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