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CARVER C7 31‘’ Supernova Surfskate Complete

CARVER C7 31‘’ Supernova Surfskate Complete

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Space out on this high performance shred sled while exploring the cosmos. A stable wide platform will help you jump into hyperspace and skate among the stars. Featuring the artwork of Allison Kunath, grab the Supernova and shred your way to a new frontier.

Allison Kunath’s work is fueled by the tension between her thirst for solitude and hunger for connection. She currently splits her time between Mexico and Ventura, inspiring fresh approaches to her work. From her Cycles Series of watercolors, the Supernova evokes both spiraling rays of sun and the markings of sundial. 

  • Length: 31.25"
  • Width: 9.875"
  • Wheelbase: 17"
  • Nose: 3.5"
  • Tail: 6.25"
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