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AJW Acid Cat

AJW Acid Cat

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Fin System

6’2 x 20.25 x 2.55 / 34.5L

Basically –  this design originated from “STAB” magazines very 1st airshow at the WACO wave pool… They invited all the Best ‘Aerial’ surfers from around the World to showcase who could land the Craziest maneuver on a Surfboard…

1 of those invitees was Matt Meola of Maui, Hawaii.  At the time we had never met nor shaped him a board… yet he ordered 3 boards as he was going to test a batch of different shapers boards at the pool prior to the event.  HIS only requests: NEEDS to  GO FAST + Extra POP, while hopefully stable enough to recover smoothly.

What we came up w/was a 5’5″ slightly flatter semi fuller  nose for a shortboard was a twist of our Xstump. increased the volume on the front foot for stability and a dropped the tail rocker more similar to a fish rocker below 2″… added soft forgiving rails combined w/ deeper concaves…

VERY 1st session attempting board Matt landed what some are calling one of  the craziest airs to date doing a full backside ‘McTwist FLIP’ later Nominated for

 SURFER POLL Awards “Manuever of the YEAR” 

Not only is the board extremely forgiving for guys attempting crazy AIRs it is primarily a good DAILY Driver fun  in everyday beach breaks she paddles well easy to get speed and just stable forgiving to surf.   If u like SPEED and going for a big section this is the board for you!  Works best when ordered 3-4″ shorter and 1/2″ wider than regular shortboard.  Have FUN go BIG!

STAB magazine TOP5 boards for 2019 

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