A Look into Smith Optics: What to Know About Smith Sunglasses

A Look into Smith Optics: What to Know About Smith Sunglasses

Sunglasses are an extension of your personality and style, but they also have a functional role. These accessories not only protect your eyes from the sun but can also make it easier to see. Plus, they cover the delicate skin around your eyes, which in turn may help prevent fine lines and dark spots.

The challenge lies in choosing a pair of shades that meets your needs. Should you opt for polarized lenses? Is it really necessary to have a different pair for cycling, running, or water sports?

If you're an outdoor enthusiast, Smith Optics can be a great choice. Founded in 1932, the company offers a large selection of sports eyewear, sunglasses, helmets, and everything in between. Its products are manufactured in Italy and sold worldwide.

But what's so special about Smith Sunglasses? Are they really worth the price? Let's find out.

Smith Optics at a Glance

Smith Optics is an Italian brand that specializes in sports eyewear and other accessories for outdoor enthusiasts. Its line of products includes prescription glasses, protective eyewear, sunglasses, athletic apparel, goggles, and more.

The company uses cutting-edge technology to design performance sunglasses for an active lifestyle. Whether you're into surfing, road cycling, mountain biking, or skiing, you'll find a pair of shades that meet your needs. Plus, you can always opt for photochromic lenses, which can adjust to varying light conditions.

Along with Polaroid, Carrera, Privè Revaux, and other popular brands, Smith Optics belongs to the Safilo Group.

In 2021, Safilo's net sales increased by 7.5%, reaching 969.6 million Euros. This is partly due to the company's efforts to expand its reach and partly due to its commitment to excellence.

Smith Sunglasses, the Perfect Choice for an Active Lifestyle

Unlike other manufacturers, Smith Optics addresses the needs of men and women with an active lifestyle. It doesn't try to be a catch-all brand, but one with a specific audience. Its line of sunglasses features the most advanced lens technology to ensure optimum visibility in all weather conditions.

The Smith Flywheel shades, for example, are ideal for everyday wear, as well as for sports and outdoor activities. Featuring two-position nose pads and ChromaPop lenses, they provide maximum comfort.

The frame is surprisingly lightweight, while the non-slip nose pads ensure that your shades will stay in place. Plus, you'll get 100% UV protection.

If you're rather interested in fashion and apparel, you can't go wrong with the Smith Eastbank sunglasses. With their classic yet fashionable design, they'll add a touch of style to your outfit.

The Smith Outback Tortoise Blue Mirror, Smith Feature, and Smith Era Black ChromaPop are all ideal for everyday wear. Like other Smith sunglasses, they have ultra durable frames, non-slip nose pads, and premium quality lenses.

Are Smith Sunglasses Worth It?

Smith sunglasses are not the cheapest on the market, but you'll get great value for the money. They're stylish yet practical and comfortable and go well with most outfits.

What's more, ChromaPop—a new technology created by Smith Optics—ensures optimal visual clarity. On top of that, Smith sunglasses have anti-reflective lenses, making them perfect for skiing, fishing, and other outdoor activities.

Choose a Pair of Sunglasses That Look and Feel Great

Now that you know more about Smith Optics, go ahead and try its products. Athletes and outdoor enthusiasts worldwide have chosen this brand for its innovative designs. Even if you're not the sporty type, you'll find a pair of shades that reflect your style.

Not sure what to choose? See our selection of Smith sunglasses and take your pick! Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

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