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How to Pick the Perfect Carver Skateboard

Not all skateboards are created equal. Some serve the purpose of cruising, and some are designed for technical flip tricks, the best ones are designed to help you train your body mechanics for surfing when the waves go flat. 

Carver surf skates were the pioneers of this type of “surf skate” board. Skateboarding originated from surfers finding ways to surf when there were no waves, and the Carver skateboard took it to the next level.

Now surf skates are growing in popularity, appealing to different people; those new to the sport, surfers, and those curious to try another board type. Carver skateboard trucks are designed to make you feel like you are surfing on land. 

But with a variety of products on offer, how do you pick the best carver skateboard for you? Read on to find out. 

1. Riding Style

An excellent place to start is to consider your riding stance. Whether you skateboard, surf, or are entirely new to these sports, you can do this. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and begin to widen your feet in what feels like a natural riding position, then measure the inner distance.

You can then look for carver skateboards that have a similar width. Check out the wheelbase measurements for this. If you skateboard or surf, you can also consider your riding style to determine what board works best.

2. Purpose of the skateboard

What do you want out of your surf skate? Do you want to focus on carving? If so, check out a surf skate such as the Blue Tiger.

Try to focus ahead on your future skating goals too. Where do you see yourself in a few years? 

3. Understand the Mechanics

Carver skateboard trucks have different systems; the C7 and CX the C5. Boards with the C7 are often smooth, stable, and are the original truck. Whereas the CX trucks are faster, tighter, and can be more progressive.

Also, consider the Carver skateboard wheels and decks. Check out the design of the deck such as deck Concaves made to lock your feet into the board. Wheels come with the recommended board but vary in grip, speed, and other features, which can always be changed out to satisfy your riding style. 


4. Carver Skateboard Design

Sometimes the carver skateboard you pick comes down to the design. It is important to consider different features, especially if you have specific skate needs or are new to the sport. However, most of the time the most important factor that comes into the decision making process is the artwork on the bottom of the skateboard. 

For example, you might want a carver that honors surfing with a wave design.  Or you might want a simpler option, such as block color.

Carver Skateboard Retailers

Surfskating will help improve your balance, leg strength and over all body mechanics when it comes to surfing. However, it can also improve your skating flow, style, and coordination with proper efforts 

If you are interested in surfskating, there is no better way to start than where it all began; with a carver skateboard. However, it can be overwhelming with different choices and features, but follow this guide to help pick the best option for your needs.

Are you looking for Carver skateboard retailers? South Swell Surf Shop is here to help. Check out our surfskate range and contact us if you have any questions. 

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