Customize your Ride!

Customize your Ride!

Surfing is not only a sport but a lifestyle. Many surfers find it fun and entertaining to have a unique setup between surfboard, fins, leashes, and traction pad. Not only will this add a personal touch, but it will increase your skills with the correct additions to your board. South Swell Surf Shop carries surfboards and accessories for riding the perfect wave.


When picking out a board, choosing the perfect surfboard leash is essential for your comfort. Leashes connect you to your board, so you do not lose it in the water. Leashes come in different colors and lengths to choose from online and in-store. At South Swell, we carry PROLITE surfboard leashes in various colors and sizes. The PROLITE 6'0 free surf leash is perfect for medium to overhead waves. This type of leash is sold in several colors, and there is even a 9'0 leash option. The PROLITE 9'0 Free surf leash features double stainless swivels that keep the leash spinning to reduce the pull on your ankle. With the number of options available, there are options for any surf.


Finding the right fins for your board, your style and the conditions can be difficult. Fortunately, South Swell has many styles and designs you can choose from to suit your needs. Fins are fun, fresh and create a smooth ride from start to finish in the water. Whether you have a longboard or shortboard, there are many different options. FCS II Flow PG 9" Longboard Fin is a neutral fin with an elongated base. It allows for a laid-back style of longboarding and is designed to be used as a single fin. South Swell carries many FCS II fins in large and medium sizes. The Aipa Twin + 1 Fins are perfect for a more loose and flowing style to give more of a unique fin design and feel. For a more traditional fins set up, the FCS II Performer Fins are designed for a performance oriented shortboarders. Surfboard fins aid in the design and are made to adapt to the style of surf you want to achieve.


Where style meets grip that helps you maneuver the board, you want to choose a traction pad that best suits you. Traction pads are used for balance and gaining enough traction to perform turns and maneuvers on a surfboard. You can completely customize your surfboard by adding color from your traction pad. They come in different sizes, and you can also choose how you want to place them on the board for optimal usage. PROLITE offers a multitude of traction pads to choose from online and in-store. South Swell features the PROLITE basic five surf traction pad, a basic five-piece traction pad that will fit almost any board's tail. Suppose you want to add more style to your ride; look at the PROLITE Mitch Crews Pro Surf Traction Pad with a black and white marble design. If you want more of a pop of color, there are many different styles to choose from online and in-store.


Similarly, to traction pads providing grip and maneuver ability to your board, choosing the right the wax is crucial. Choosing the right temperature ratings and stickiness for your desired surfing needs will help you surf better and feel more connected to your board. At South Swell we carry different brands and types of wax to suits your surfing needs like the Sticky Bumps Cool/Cold Wax that is best suited for late winter/early spring surf sessions for a 69 degree and bellow water temperature.


Customize your board today by shopping in-store or online with South Swell Surf Shop. Not only do we sell surfboards, but all the other essentials that help you have fun and get the most out of your purchases. Whether surfing is your sport or your lifestyle, make sure you have fun with personalization and make your board your own.

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