AJW Surfboards: Ride the Wave with the Best

AJW Surfboards: Ride the Wave with the Best

AJW Surfboards. The company uses the latest technologies to build premium equipment for surfers of all skill levels. Its line of products includes high-performance surfboards with cutting-edge design and custom artwork.

The challenge lies in choosing a model that suits your needs and surfing style. With that in mind, read our guide to AJW Surfboards to learn more about the brand and what makes it stand out.

AJW Surfboards at a Glance

The global surfing market is expected to reach $3.1 billion by 2026. AJW Surfboards, a leading industry player, earned its spot among the top surfing brands by offering custom-made products designed by surfers for surfers.

Founder Adam Warden built the business from scratch during his school years. He started shaping on weekends and traveled the world to gain experience. Young Warden handcrafted about 1,000 boards before touching a shaping machine.

Warden says his goal is to create high-quality surfboards for a truly memorable experience. What's more, each surfboard can be tailored to your needs—and that's what makes AJW stand out.

The company offers four main types of boards in different sizes, from four to 12 feet or even bigger if that’s what you’re into. Once you have decided on a model, you can customize its length, width, thickness, tail, and color work. Your creativity is the only limit.

Choose a Quality Surfboard for the Best Wave of Your Life

AJW Surfboards is known for their high-quality craftsmanship. Plus, they're visually appealing and can be personalized with your favorite colors or artwork. But there's also the option to order a stock surfboard or even see it in person at the South Swell Surf Shop in Emerald Isle, North Carolina.

For example, the Classic Twin comes in several colors and sizes, including light or dark blue, orange, mustard, and white. This model is available in blue and is 5'6" in length. The slightly pulled-in tail combined with the fin placement ensures a smooth riding experience from the moment you step foot on the board.

Another popular model is the AJW Surfboards Acid Cat. With its sleek design and semi fuller nose, it's perfect for riders who love down the line speed.

Likewise, the "Speedy" Gonzalez 5’11" can be a great choice for adrenaline junkies, as it's easy to maneuver and allows for fast turns. Or you can opt for the Cowbeak, AJW Surfboards barrel machine.

Get the Best Surfboard for Your Needs and Skill Level

These are just a few of the many models from AJW Surfboards. Consider your skill level and other factors, such as the surfboard length, width, thickness and volume, before choosing one. Also, think about the gap in your quiver that you are trying to fill. 

Remember, we're here to help you pick the best surfboard for your needs. Contact us or browse our online store and take your pick!

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